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Our Story 


                  The Wigley tradition of excellence in meat preparation spans five generations and two continents. The Wigleys hailed from Liverpool, England, and my grandfather, Job Wigley, came here in 1924 seeking the American Dream. When he arrived at Eastern Market, he clutched a journal of our family’s meat recipes that had been perfected by his father Frank Wigley back in the 1880’s.

                  Wigleys Famous Eastern Market Corned Beef immediately revealed a flavor profile that visitors to Eastern Market loved, and from the roaring 20’s ‘til now, it remains our most popular product. We’ve been voted #1 by the Detroit Free Press and have won more corned beef cook-offs than we can count.

                 My passion to carry on the Wigley legacy of producing the highest quality meats has been the driving force in my life. That’s me in the picture. I love what I do, and I promise that you’ll love Wigleys Famous Eastern Market Corned Beef, just like generations of Detroiters before us.


When out to eat, remember to ask the crucial question...


Is it Wigleys?



yes, It's Wigleys!

If the answer is...                                   


Then you know you're at the right place

Where to buy



1537 Hale St
Detroit, MI

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