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Award    Winning Flavor

                    Wigleys Corned Beef has a flavor profile everyone loves, from children to New York Deli Connoisseurs. It has been voted #1 by the Detroit Free Press and has dominated numerous corned beef cook-offs. Our old world flavor is a proprietary blend of spices and seasonings cured directly into our high quality, meticulously sourced briskets.  Our brining process has been perfected over the years so no additional seasoning is necessary.

                    Wigleys Corned beef comes with extra value to reduce your food cost. Cook one of our brisket and you will notice the dramatically less cooking shrink compared to other brands. Through trial and error and head chef feedback from across the world, we developed a perfect product we call Chef's Trim. Chef's Trim Corned Beef leaves just enough fat for flavor and juiciness without excessive waste. 

                    If you are looking for a profitable traffic builder for your menu, then Wigleys Corned Beef is for you. Ask your vendor for availability or contact us directly.

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